Training Heroes to Save Lives

Advantage Medical Education and Training,  (ADMET)  trains professionals of all industries for ready response to medical emergencies. We believe that heroes are prepared and leap into action when duty calls!


Giving You the Medical Advantage

Jessica Reddick, CEO of ADMET, holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is a licensed Registered Nurse in the State of Florida. Jessica is a certified American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor. Her professional development includes End-of-Life Care, Pediatric Oncology, Diabetes Management, and more. 

Jessica is a Professional Training Materials Writer, composing exclusive learning materials for healthcare staff development. Utilizing the latest evidence-based practice, Jessica ensures that healthcare providers are well-prepared with an "Advantage".

Advantage Medical Education and Training is committed to your company's success. We empower your staff to produce impeccable client satisfaction, which leads to positive corporate branding.